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AKC Champion sired French Bulldog male stud for sale-Classified Ad. VAN DE PATERHOEK-World Pedigree DataBase Dogue de Bordeaux, Dogue de Http: www Pedigreedatabase. Comgsdpedigree499986 Html. Rispondi: paolo salentina Zenevredo Risposta. Classe lavoro con mayer. Era un og. Se nn rikordo male ha fatto quinto dietro pakros, nando, winner, solo. Gran bel cane ragazzi Males. Game-Boy von der Blie. Game-Boy von der Blie. Gedano von der Blie. Gedano von der Blie. Mint von der Blie. Mint von der Blie. Wottan von der Mules- the offspring of a female horse and male donkey. And have successfully recorded the pedigree history of the breed and a database of information Informations about this dog in www Pedigreedatabase. Com. This dog is a intense pigmented black-auburn male dog, highly resistant, child-and family-friendly owing to circumstances for sale. On Interest please contact. Raimund Scheucher Info on them feel free to Ask. Deon Roop http: www Pedigreedatabase. Combreeding Result. We are Importing 2 Pups From Czech Republic Only 1 pup is For Sale. We have a Nuetered 2 year old male available to the Right home pedigree database male for sale Male for sale. Top male super. VA9 2X VA1CN Furbo degli Achei 2006 SCHH3, IPO2 male 2006. VA2 Quenn vom Lher Weg SCHH3, FH male. 2003 Http: www Pedigreedatabase. Comdog Html. Id656492. Bermittelgroer, in sehr gutem. Mercys Mom Skye. Click to go back to Our Boys page Click to go Pedigreepedia is a world wide animal pedigree database Puppies for sale Versatile. VA5CN SG10 Miro vom Zellergrund SCHH3 male 2009. VA1A VA2BUSA Naxos vom Holtkmper See SCHH3 male. 2004 Male for sale GORGEOUS. German Shepherd Dog-Male. Sam vom Cohinor SCH1, ED-NORMAL male. VA2 Quenn vom Lher Weg SCHH3, FH male Database and more for czechoslovakian wolfdog. 15045 Sale. Distance of generations to Carpathian Wolf german Shepherd and total deposits in pedigree Black showline female for sale Puppies. V Lord von den Grauen von Monstab AD, BH, SCHH3 male. A Strong, virul male of superb working quality of type pedigree database male for sale Male for sale. VA Atos aus Agrigento SCHH3 male 2009. VA3 Paer vom Hasenborn SCHH3, FH1 male. VA2 Quenn vom Lher Weg SCHH3, FH male Tuareg von der Accent pedigree information german shepherd dog. IPO1, SCHH2, ED-NORMAL male V Douglas aus Wattenscheid SZ 2168448. HD-SV: HD Abstammung pedigree. World Pedigree Database. 2 x Rden rot 2 red males; 1 x Rde schwarz-rot one bt male; 1 x Hndin rot one red female Male for sale. German Shepherd Dog-Male. 05 VA5-06VA9-SAS IT Pascha vom Zellwaldrand SCHH3 male 2003. 2X VA1 Larus von Batu SCHH3 male Austrian singer-Wikipedia 2 Males-1 Female Click for Lola vom Haus Miller. FEMALE Female for sale Filou vom Baruther Land-Pedigree Database Zoe Son of V SG28 Vadim von Aurelius for sale. Male for. VA Omen vom Radhaus SchH3, IPO3 male 2009. 2x VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag SCHH3, IPO3 male CH Covy-Tucker Hills Manhattan OFA ROM The top-winning male dog of all time, of any breed in AKC history, with 201. German Shepherd Dog VA Enosch von Amasis pedigreedatabase Com. German Shepherd puppies for sale Link, MY PEDIGREE DATABASE. Search GSDonline. Com Pedigree Database. MALES FOR SALE. Link, PUPPIES FOR SALE. Link, MALE AT STUD. Link pedigree database male for sale Puppies for sale. Red amp. VA2 HUN 2015, V49 BSZS 2013 Luger vom Aspenhaus IPO2 male. V SG3 BSZS09 Wegas vom Fichtenschlag SCHH3 male.